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Here at BetterBurialInsuranceToday.com, we want to only supply the KNOWLEDGE and the given FACTS to give you an insight on which a policy that gives you the PEACE OF MIND. A true policy that is custom-fit to you and your health.

Our promise to you is to issue comfort and peace by providing you with a burial insurance policy. A burial insurance policy that can be issued to in minutes by having a simple conversation, without any gimmicks, tricks, or tactics.

We do this for you by:

  1. Listing the facts: Here at BBIT, we know there is a lot of life insurance ads that are out there, either by given to you through the mail, TV, or them “Senior Benefit” calls. Here, we do NOT use any of them marketing tactics. But, we do want to provide you with a summary or their products to help you in your course of getting the best burial insurance policy.
  2. Getting to know you: Being welcomed aboard on BBIT, we feel like, we are FAMILY. So, with that being said, getting to know you for your health is a huge component when comparing you with the best burial insurance policy that can give you and your loved ones comfort for years to come! We work for YOU!
  3. Best Insurance Companies: By working for you, and being your personal agent, we can select a policy that is tailored to your health conditions, and habits. We are licensed and contracted with 20 different companies. And each company has their own niche that they cover at the best price in the Country.
  4. Being a Family: Once together, we make sure to have your best interest as we make sure you’re getting the service, experience, and the best burial insurance policy that you, your family, and your friends DESERVE!

About Our Founder

Tyler Bly had first started in the insurance industry at American Income Life in 2013. While being a face-to-face agent was great to the client. He wanted to serve more people, a lot more.

So, he decided to start his own agency in Lima, OH, by overcoming obstacles to become a professional and educational “personal” agent to providing the best policies, by the best companies, to the best people!

Thus, here it is, BetterBurialInsuranceToday.com, commonly known as BBIT.

Being In Lima, OH, a small city, Tyler had grown up with a huge dedication, and competition in sports, baseball and football, as well as track. His competitive nature, helped him in excelling greatly.

Although, his passion for sports diminished a bit, not playing in the pros, everyones “dream.”

He found another passion by informing and helping a ton of people getting what they deserve, thus, the Life Insurance industry. With this passion of his, he’s dedicated and committed to becoming the best as he did in sports!

When not in sports, He spend a lot of time with his family. He has two kids, Camden and Tatum, that keep him going and striving for more!