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There are over 1400 different carriers in the nation. They all cater to different niches by having various questions to answer, build charts, coverages, and prices. Therefore, picking one of them can quite be a challenge and time consuming. Here at BetterBurialInsuranceToday.com, with our expertise, we chauffer you to all possible carriers with a click of a button. All companies that we work with are “A-rated” companies that you can trust on! Secure your quote today!

Low on Funds, NO WORRIES. Confused? Don’t be discouraged!

Here at BetterBurialInsuranceToday.com, we strive to excel in our persistence to give you the best information needed in helping to decide which insurance policy is right for you!

With our experience, allow us to move the heavy lifting for YOU!

  • No more! shopping around til’ your blue in the face
  • No more! getting declined for submitting policies that responded with no answers
  • No more! dealing with agents pressuring you into buying a policy that you don’t have a full understanding on!

Allow “YOUR FINAL EXPENSE SPECIALIST” here at BetterBurialInsuranceToday.com to work for you in getting the best final expense policy, with our TOP A-Rated Companies, in the Country!

Firstly, you may ask yourself…

What is difference between burial insurance vs life insurance?

The correlation is that burial insurance is a type of life insurance. “Whole Life” insurance is the product that is used for protection and to give you and your loved ones a peace of mind!

Whether you see the term cremation insurance, burial insurance, final expense, or funeral insurance, they are all the SAME policies, a whole life policy. It’s sort of like saying… are you going to take your car to a mechanic or technician. Virtually one in the same!

With that being said…

What is funeral insurance?

Funeral insurance, final expense, or burial insurance all work the SAME. Even the term, cremation insurance, has the same meaning. There 4 details to keep in mind when you’re choosing this insurance policy.

  1. NO medical exam
  2. Premiums NEVER go up!
  3. Coverage NEVER changes!
  4. This policy CAN NEVER go away at any age


A Burial Insurance with No Waiting Period is discovered here!

In addition, this policy would 100% of the face amount to the beneficiary selected on the policy upon the death of the insured. Also, there also be additional riders available to the policy. But, this depends on the company of your choice. Every company has different riders available.

In a Senior Final Expense Program, there are 4 options an underwriter can make to the submission of the policy.

  1. Level Benefit plan: In a level benefit plan, there is a NO-WAITING period. In other words, If you pass any time after the first payment of the premium, the FULL death benefits are paid out.
  2. Graded Benefit plan: In a graded benefit plan
  3. Modified plan
  4. Guaranteed acceptance plan

Mostly, in this day in age, when submitting a policy with BetterBurialInsuranceToday.com, there can be an INSTANT decision as soon as the policy gets submitted. “YES”, even when you’re on the phone with our agents!

Now, I do get a few question from our clients, in asking…

Can I take out funeral insurance for my parents?

The answer is…

YES, you absolutely can take a policy out on your parents.

The requirements for someone to get a funeral insurance policy are as follows:

  • Ages range from 0-89, in favored the senior market (55-85)
  • Health requirement has a pretty broad spectrum with companies that requires health questions. In addition, there are companies that have NO HEALTH QUESTIONS asked.
  • What a policyholder may find in Ohio, may not have the same policy available in other states. In other words, Different state has different insurance product available to their residents. Thus, State-Regulated Final Expense Plans.
  • No exam burial insurance

If you were to acquire policies for the kids, or grandkids, “You may!” Snagging a policy under 50 for funeral insurance has a bit more challenges. However, even with the limited companies in your state, we can help out to get you the best coverage in your state! GUARANTEED!

BEWARE! of companies that disguise their TERM insurance for a senior final expense plan

There are 2 main term insurance companies that get replaced a lot of the time because of getting a policy an not knowing that it terminates at age 80, or price increases every 1,2,or 5 years. These companies use mailers to promote their products.

Have you guessed these companies yet?

No worries there. However, you may be worried on these companies:


When buying a burial insurance plan, the main concept that we find from our clients, is having a piece of mind knowing that their families and loved ones can lay their head to rest at night! As they find out, when buying from these 2 companies, that their policies rate increases or terminates at 80 you can imagine how “fired-up” they may seem. It’s always a good idea to read the fine print on these ads when they come through the mail.

In addition, If you’re ever up late at night. You may see the 9.95 Alex Trebek Life Insurance Plan. You may see the details on the Colonial Penn burial insurance plan, Here!

All in all,

Is burial insurance worth it?

Well, what we’ve found out from our clients is…that is is! For them, it is!

Three big take-aways that we see, and that they like are:

  1. The underwriting is applied in favored to virtual everyone with any health issue.
  2. The convenience of having applications with NO HEALTH QUESTIONS
  3. Face amounts to fit their needs, even when it comes to “cremation insurance”, the coverage amount is suitable


For burial insurance apply online here!

  1. “Shop Around,” make sure the agency is reputable with many companies to pick from, experience in this industry, and have great Customer Service
  2. Get a final expense quote?” HERE
  3. Receive a notification from the agent, in regards of how he/she will be getting ahold of you…or…. you may jumpstart the process by filling out a Pre-Qualification link to save you time!
  4. Fill out the questionnaire to isolate an accurate rating class (Or speak to us on the phone)
  5. Be matched up with the best carrier and product based on your unique profile
  • (make sure the agency is able to shop around for you with various companies to pick from. The last thing, you’d want to do is apply for a 2-year waiting period coverage policy, when you can get DAY 1 coverage!
  1. APPLY via email or over the phone with me
  2. Get approved and pick your due date (Voice Signature/Docusign)

Now with our new instant approval process, you can now literally have coverage in 15 minutes or less! From there, when you’re around you’re neighbors and friends, mention BetterBurialInsuranceToday.com!

Here at BetterBurialInsuranceToday.com

We are an agency that specializes in a burial insurance policy that will Serve you the best. A policy that can fit your needs, be suited for your families needs, and provide the better piece of mind for everyone. Our service and experience is #1 and tops any policy that is sold. We get the peace of mind, with you in mind! We are committed in excellence to strive each and everyday to become better!